Posts from April 2017

The Solid Life is Built by Practicing Jesus’ Teachings

It’s one thing to know what Jesus taught. It’s something entirely different to do what Jesus taught. This is the difference – the ONLY difference – between the life that stands up to adversity and the life that crashes under it’s pressures, according to Jesus (Matthew 7:24-27). Christians can easily hide our lack of obedience to Jesus’ teachings behind all of our talking about Jesus’ teachings.  Jesus calls this “foolish.”  He says this lack of “putting [his] words into practice”…

The Ramifications of Resurrection

In the first recorded sermons of the Church (you can read these in the New Testament book called Acts), we hear how the first Christians’ whole understanding and practice was built on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And not only did they consistently proclaim the reality of the resurrection, they also named specific ways the resurrection made an impact on their daily lives. Here’s a summary of their teachings: