24 New People Into Membership

24 New People Into Membership

Our community received 24 new people into membership in April:  24 people who simply said, “I will share life and discover Jesus in this community.  I will live a life marked by transformation, community, and compassion.”
While we don’t make a big public display of this experience, I value this expression of commitment so deeply.  In joining a local church community, a person is making one of the most significant statements: I am with you. 
Life is easier – and better – when you know you are not alone.  
My favorite comment from this recent membership season is from a man who said simply, “It feels good to finally belong to something.” 
I received this note from one of our leadership board members who prayed with those joining Emmaus last Sunday:
Hi Nate — I just wanted to thank Emmaus for greatly blessing me this past Sunday. I had the opportunity to pray with people and families as they signed our covenant book for Emmaus membership.  Such a simple process.  Who would think the signing process itself would have much of an impact?  While I initially thought I would be supporting their commitment and encouraging their walk with Jesus, I found it to be just the opposite.  Not that anything was discouraging, but rather, the members were the ones encouraging me.

I was overwhelmed by the love and passion for Christ in an authentic relationship.  The message on Sunday was icing on the cake to a place that practices the real sense of loving each other through community.  It was so evident in the short time of prayer with each family. I cannot fully express how encouraging it was to me to not only be a part of such a meaningful declaration of faith, but to see the hearts of the people in our church.  I wish that everyone could be a part of this process and feel that same unification in the Holy Spirit.
Thank you for blessing me so!
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