Advent Reflection #10: Like a Warrior-Champion

Advent Reflection #10: Like a Warrior-Champion

Like a Warrior-Champion

The time is near.

Can you feel it?

A bursting-forth of new life, of fulfillment of ancient prophecy, of cosmic change and geographical shifting, of the realization of a plan established in eternity past…

It’s a birth.  A whole new reality.  This will change the way you sleep and eat and think and live.  Forever.  And it’s close.  Her sounds are changing.  She’s bearing down.


There’s a moment, in childbirth, when gears shift and sounds change and intensity builds.  The baby is pressed into the birth canal.  It’s often called “transition.”  My wife calls it “transformation.”  Change is fully-engaged, lunging forward.  There’s no turning back, now.  Life is coming hard and strong.  


Isaiah sees the Messiah.  He comes as a warrior-champion.  He is painted for war, brave-hearted, muscles flexed and hungry for battle.  He will set free those imprisoned in darkness.  His voice will roar victory above the chaos.


And so He comes, this warrior-king, through blood and water, waging the war that will defeat death itself, a newborn baby, born in a barn.


[ based on Isaiah 42:10-16 ]


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