Practical Prayer

Practical Prayer

Emmaus Church Community’s first book was Practical Prayer: A Short Collection for Every Day!  This 84 page pocket guide includes prayers for morning, midday, and evening, as well as prayers for others and prayers for special situations – all from the writers of the Bible and Christians throughout history.

From the Introduction

Prayer can be difficult.

This little book is meant to help.

It’s short because it’s a starter, a catalyst, a first peek into a castle that takes a lifetime to explore.

The words in this book are just a sampling of some of the prayers that have guided the devotion of millions of people for thousands of years.

There is much more where this came from.

It’s small because we hope you’ll carry it with you as a practical tool to establish a new habit or to deepen an old habit of communicating with God all throughout the day.

You really can learn to pray.

You really can become a person of prayer.

This is my prayer for you:

May these words guide yours.

May the whole-hearted devotion of the faithful take root in your soul.

May the Holy Spirit use their prayers to challenge and lead you to surrender more fully, to worship God more consistently, to live more courageously, and to advocate more effectively for those Jesus loves.

In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Nathan Oates

This book is currently only available in Emmaus’ physical bookstore.


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