Searching for Shalom

Searching for Shalom

Two things trouble me.


The lack of peace.  All the hatred and brokenness and senseless violence.

It saddens me.  I worry for my children.


The empty words.  The shallow, unhelpful noise.  The misguided guidance.

The counterfeit “solutions” being offered to hurting people in need of grace-filled truth.


Our souls are longing for true comfort.  We need something real, something that endures.

We desperately need broken things to be made whole and right again.

This Christmas, we’re searching for shalom.

You’re invited to join Emmaus Church Community in celebrating Advent.

Advent 1: November 29: Comfort

Advent 2: December 6: Knowledge

Advent 3: December 13: Redemption

Advent 4: December 20: Peace

Christmas: December 23: Birth


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