Suffering Well: A Series of Reflections

Suffering Well: A Series of Reflections

Dear reader,

Recently, while praying for those in our community who are hurting, these words came to me:

“Learn what I am teaching you. Everyone is suffering. Few know how to suffer with me.”

The following blog posts are reflections from members of our community who have suffered deeply and who continue to struggle to suffer with Jesus.

They have not run away. In the darkness, in the midst of their sadness, they have looked to the God who suffers with us and for us. They have clung to Jesus whose humanity was proved through suffering. They have prayed wordless prayers to the Spirit who sustains us in the battle for hope and healing.

Emmaus Church is a community inspired by a story of suffering transformed. Jesus meets the Emmaus travelers IN their suffering and, ultimately, when they recognize him there, they are changed. Their suffering becomes part of their story of hope. And their story encourages us.

We believe God restores all things. Even our suffering. Amen.

Few choose to suffer. But my hope is that this small collection of blog posts will encourage you to suffer well. We’ll post a new reflection each week this summer.

Peace to you, Nathan


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