The Imprint of Fathers

The Imprint of Fathers

I loved hearing Ron Oates speak on Sunday about fatherhood. It brought back so many memories of my own father and the huge impact he had on my life.

While my father was not perfect, he was a loving and giving man who valued his family and showed us an authentic growing relationship with God.
Ron emphasized the Deuteronomy 6 passage and the line, “Impress them on your children”. The definition of the word impress is the act of making an imprint or mark. Fathers will always impress or imprint on their children whatever it is they value. Their kids will catch it. Even their grandkids will catch it.
I was struck by this idea after reading my 14 year old son’s poem that he wrote for a class. The poem was about my dad who he had the privilege of living near for only 3 years. My father passed away 5 years ago when my son was 9. In that short amount of time, my son caught what my dad valued.

I Remember
By Kendrick Haskins
I remember his deep laughter,
I remember his generous Christmas gifts,
I remember the candy at his store, and in bowls all around his house,
I remember the funny songs he sang in his old fashioned sounding voice,
I remember his big rocking recliner that we would sit on,
I remember his great big bear hugs,
I remember his smile that ran across his kind, wrinkled face,
I remember his golf cart, which I crashed into the back of his garage when I was 5,
I remember his den with all the boxes of toys,
I remember how he brightened any room he came in to.
What will your kids and grandkids catch in you? What will be
imprinted on them from being with you? What do you value?

May the deep love of God be imprinted on our own hearts from our communion with Him so that we may pass it along to our children and future generations! 
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