The Third Meal in Luke

The Third Meal in Luke

The Feeding of the 5000 is truly an exciting example of our partnership with Jesus in the restoration of this world. Author and speaker, Jill Briscoe, put it this way, “I’ve got a hunch Jesus wants my lunch.”
Whatever we have to give, He wants it. He invites us to give all we have no matter how insignificant we think it may be and use it for the good of others. The disciples quickly identify the need to feed the hungry masses that had gone out to seek the healing power of Jesus. They see the challenge and immediately turn to Jesus for a solution. Jesus quickly turns the conversation in the opposite direction. In John’s account of this story, Jesus asks Phillip, “Where shall we buy bread for these people?” And in Luke’s account he says to the disciples, “You give them something to eat.” Knowing this amazing feat could only be accomplished by His power, Jesus asks His disciples to be part of the solution.
He invites us to give whatever we have to help build His kingdom. Jesus wants our lunch so He can make His glory known to all. What do you have to give? Your child was asked this question during chapel this morning. Your child also received the following challenge:
God wants us to engage in the restoration of all things (help fix what is broken in the world) even when the need is overwhelming. Jesus wants to use what you have to make a difference. He is inviting you to make two choices:

Be part of the solution. Love others. Serve others. Show kindness.
Offer what you have even if it seems insignificant (little)

Questions for the ride to church:

Do you ever think about how you need God? In what ways do you think you need Him?
Do you ever tell God you need Him? When was the last time? What prompted you to say this to Him?
Think of someone in your life that really needs Jesus? How do you feel about that person? Is it easy or hard to imagine Jesus forgiving that person? Why or Why not?

Questions for the ride home:

What do you remember about the Bible story today? What was so amazing about this meal with Jesus?
What did the boy and Jesus do with the boy’s food?
When your teacher asked what you had to give Jesus and others, what did you answer?
What do you think we have to give as a family? How can we help Jesus restore what is broken? To help others see His love? How are we already doing this?

Family Experiences:

Sing the hymn, “Take my heart and let it be,” at dinner or bedtime every night. Discuss the words in detail as a family. Try to memorize it together.
Identify each other’s gifts and talents. Encourage each other by thinking of ways those can be given to Jesus and used for the sake of others. Do this for each member of the family!
Involve your kids in serving others. Ideas: Make a meal for someone else together, challenge them to use their allowance to give to the compassion fund at Emmaus, to give to a worldwide compassion ministry, to write a note to lonely kid at school, to share lunch with someone new at school, to draw a picture for someone who has lost a loved one, to pull weeds for a neighbor, to identify a need in the world she feels drawn to address and act on it.
Make a specific commitment to partner with a ministry in prayer, finances or volunteer time. Local agencies include: Courage House, Lighthouse Resource Center, Lincoln Youth Center, or someone needy at Emmaus.

Ideas for international agencies: Voice of the Martyrs, International Justice Mission, Compassion International, InnerChange with CRM (an order among the poor), Rich and Melissa Lester, La Vida Education, Nicaragua, El Porvenir, Nicaragua. Look these up and choose someone to pray for regularly for a set amount of time.
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