We Are A Family at Emmaus Church Community

We Are A Family at Emmaus Church Community

At Emmaus Church in Lincoln, CA, we are sharing life and discovering Jesus together. We desire to be a transformational community of compassion. We are a family.
Every year during Advent, we have a Compassion Plan to support a few groups of people for the following year. We ask God to show us what groups of people we need to rally around and support with our resources and time in the new year.
For 2012, we will be supporting the following groups through giving:

Single parents
Orphans (Adoption Fund)
The critically ill and their families 

There are also opportunities to give time:

Make meals for the critically ill
Make meals for a single parent family
Be a mentor to a child of a single parent
Be on a fix-it team for a single parent home, widow or critically ill person
Be on the Soul Care team- care for others through prayer, visitation and meeting practical needs
Be a part of the Prayer Line Ministry

I am very excited that our community is supporting these groups because I feel I understand some of the challenges that are part of their reality. I have seen these challenges in my own family as my mom is a widow, my sister is a single mom, my brother was adopted and my son was critically ill. We have a wonderful opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ to these precious people. I encourage you to ask God what He would have you do in this season to help take care of our Emmaus family.
We will continue to use the Pull-tag system to help our community participate in giving over the next 4 weeks in our Sunday gatherings at Emmaus Church. If you have any questions about the Compassion Plan, you can contact me at sandie@emmaus.church.
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