Advent Reflection #8: Wholly Longing for Wholeness

Advent Reflection #8: Wholly Longing for Wholeness

Wholly Longing for Wholeness

It’s complete, this redemption through Jesus.  Total.  From start to finish.

This hope of redemption encompasses emotional realities like shame and fear: those heavy-hitters that often go unnamed by us and unnoticed by others because they’re so close to our core.

This hope of redemption also includes the physical, our bodies, as part of “the whole creation” which, it turns out, is not sitting idly by.  It is “groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time” (Paul to the Romans 8:22).  Why is it groaning?

The birthing mother groans under the pain, but there is more than pain.  There is longing.  There is longing for what will be, for what was meant to be to come into the world and live.

Don’t silence that longing.  Don’t distract it with busyness.  Peel it raw.  Give it room to seethe and breathe so that it – so that you – may be made whole.


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