Posts from November 2014

A Call to Worship

I struggle nearly every Sunday to “want” to go to church. There’s a battle that happens in my soul while I’m showering and shaving early, in the dark, before anyone else is awake. Sometimes it’s pretty intense. But every single Sunday, by the time I step out of my truck and walk into the building, I’m ready. I’m excited. I want to be there. And this is why: I believe that what I’m about to do matters. I believe it…

Your church-free Christianity is like my fantasy football team

You’ve seen those shirts that say, “Football is life…” And you understand that for some, football spreads over all of life, colors all of life, becomes a pervasive reality, is always on their minds… But you also understand that, at the core, football is a very specific and well-defined experience. The game literally happens in a dedicated space: there are boundary lines drawn on a field, there’s a clock that marks the start and completion of the event. There are…

Rock to Satan

When Simon confesses the truth (Matthew 16:16), Jesus names him “Rock” (greek: Petra; or Peter).Moments later (16:23) when Simon’s own desires cloud the truth, Jesus calls him “Satan.”Fascinating, isn’t it, that our identity could be so rooted in our confession? -Nate