Common Journey with Emmaus Kids

Common Journey with Emmaus Kids

This week in Emmaus Kids the children will be hearing the Emmaus Road story,
focusing in on the two disciples on their way to Emmaus. In Chapel we will be
reenacting the story and then tracing our feet and gluing these footprints to a
large poster with all the other kids’ feet. We will focus on the idea that we are on a
journey and Jesus is with us. We will also introduce the idea of needing to recognize
Jesus and invite him to “stay for dinner.”
During the Bonus Round, the kids’ teacher will tell about his/her journey. And then
the kids will be either creating a timeline of his/her own life or decorating a rock to
be used as a reminder of God’s presence on his/her journey.
Questions for the ride to church:

What is the name of our church? Do you know why it is called Emmaus?
What happened to Jesus?
How do you think his friends felt when he died?

Questions for the ride home from church:

Why do you think our church is called Emmaus?
Did the disciples know they were walking with Jesus? When did they know it
was Him?
Do you feel like you recognize that Jesus is walking with you on your

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