Three Warnings to Heed

Three Warnings to Heed

This week, as part of our 35 Days of Prayer, we’re focusing on personal transformation. Here are three warnings to heed as we engage this common journey toward spiritual wholeness:

Don’t get side-tracked by counterfeit lovers!

(This is biblical language that sometimes refers to people but usually refers to other things that try to seduce us off the trail):
the allure of power,
the promise of wealth,
the false god of comfort.
Don’t get defeated by pain!

Pain can wear a person out.

It’s pain that makes the runner stop running.
It’s pain that makes the fighter tap out.

Some of you have experienced deep pain or frequent pain, or pain that has lasted a long time.

Don’t give up.
Don’t quit.
Don’t let pain defeat you, rob you of life.
Don’t get dulled into lifelessness.

This is the silent seduction of the suburbs.

This is the lie of a “Christianity” that’s nothing more than a “positive alternative”,
prayers that never go beyond “keep us safe”,
an ethic that gets reduced to “being nice.”

That’s lifeless.

Don’t spend your life on a spiritual couch
holding a spiritual remote.

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